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Schneider Electric on CustomerMatrix at Dreamforce '14



Red Dot Award, Sailing World Award, BFM Academy award


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How to boost your engagement rate on social networks



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Jobijoba offers a unique search engine for jobs, enriched by social content, machine learning and big data tools. 

Founded by Thomas Allaire and based in Aquitaine, France, the company is active in France, Germany, Spain, UK, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Russia, Mexico and Australia. New features and geographies are under development.

MobPartner offers a unique Performance Marketing Platform. Publishers leverage a network of 200,000+ publishers and pay only if results are there. The company is currently developing MobRetail, a solution connecting Mobile and In-Store marketing.

Think 'Mobile First'. Mobpartner can help.

Serge Renouard and Eric Carreel founded Invoxia to give a new start to landline phones through quality and simplicity.

Invoxia just announced the launch of the new NVX 220. The company offers now a complete set of VoIP phones, 100% adapted to smartphones on iOS and android as well.

Bretzel Love is a network of restaurants launched by Johan Assuied and Patrick Abbou. Newfund supports its development since 2011, with premium locations around Paris such as the commercial malls of Forum des Halles, Val d'Europe or Les QuatreTemps.

Come and visit one of the restaurants and enjoy the bests bretzels in town !